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The Blue Dress

Powerful women are
busy washing our dishes

The Blue Dress films a series of conversations with domestic

workers, exploring their personal stories, their views on society, life, and politics, and the dynamics of working in someone’s home.

The aim of this film is to show who these women are when the apron comes off. Using poetry, art and striking visuals, it reveals characters who inspire respect, curiosity, and shared humanity.

feature documentary in production

Mayibuye iAfrica

In 1913, the Natives Land Act cemented the dispossession of land for black South Africans under colonialism and apartheid.  


A century later, almost 20 years into democracy, the legacy of that dispossession still shapes the livelihoods and limited opportunities of rural and urban South Africans.  Despite billions of Rands, an enlightened constitution, and national redistributive policies, the inequalities remain deeply entrenched.


Is there another way forward?


100 years of land reform

feature documentary for television broadcast 


with funding from the Foundation for Human Rights & the Flanders Internaional Cooperation Agency

Richtersveld: Road to Restitution

For over two millenia, the Nama people were nomadic herders, moving seasonally up and down on the Cape Coast. Yet colonial expansion, mineral prospects, political agendas and 'conservation' interests forced them into the far northern desert, and then repeatedly stripped them of land, rights, and livelihood.


This is the story of their fight back.... all the way to the highest court in the land.



48-minute documentary, part of 'Hidden Histories' series


aired on SABC2 in June 2013


produced with Grounded Media & SABC


Making Rights Real

Success stories in land reform

The Richtersveld, Northern Cape:
A time to fight


"These people make history; they do not allow it to happen to them... "








With fierce determination and impressive organisation, the small and isolated Richtersveld community fought for rights to one of the richest stretches of South Africa's coast, all the way to the Constituional Court.


The story of this landmark case is a powerful study in community organisation, and what it takes to mobilise people across boundaries for a united purpose.  

The Nemamilwe, Limpopo:

A time to work


"We must not sit down.  

This is a time of work."









The Nemamilwe have been waiting over 15 years for their claimed land to be returned. Yet they are not sitting still to wait for the government to fulfill its commitment; in the meantime, a partnership with the current land owner provides both parties with short term benefits and a long term vision.  

The story explores the challenges of building trust between farmers and claimants, and presents an innovative model for partnerships in land reform.


The Amangcolosi, KZN:
A time to prosper

"I never thought a business of this size could be run by black people successfully..."  







In 2004, the Amangcolosi people were successful in claiming the restoration of land rights over 12 white-owned farms.  A decade later, their community-owned agricultural company is growing from strength to strength, with very tangible benefits to the people. 


In telling this inspiring story, the film explores some of the greatest challenges for land reform communities: agreeing on how land should be used, selecting leadership, and finding the skills and the capital to make it work.  It is a tale of perseverance and possibility.  



Making Rights Real
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