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what we do

Dahlak Exchange is a public interest media organisation, based in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Our focus is on the shifting nature of land and equality in Africa, and its impact on people.


We are inspired by... 

  • The power of media to shape public opinion, impact policy, and ultimately shift paradigms.

  • The creativity, complexity, and dynamism on this continent.



Through film & radio production, we work to:


  • Broaden & enrich public debate on critical socio-economic issues, especially related to equality, resources, and land.

  • Enable a diversity of people to share their stories and opinions through media.


  • Assist communities in their efforts to organise & advocate around related issues.

We are living at an extraordinary juncture in history ... as old worlds begin to implode, new voices are calling for a different way of living together as human communities. It is time for the rise of marginal voices. 
Dahlak Exchange tells their unfolding stories. 

change the conversation | change the future

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